3. Get your bags ready

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¡Get your bags ready! 

In the coming days you will activate your account, you can go to the tutorial that will show you step by step what to do. 
[Vinculos.eforcers.com / on-account


I already use Gmail for my personal email and calendar. Are we getting the same applications? 

They are very similar, but we will be using enterprise-class edition of Google Apps, which offers more features, more support and an excellent warranty. 

Will my email address change? 

No, your email address will not change, you will still receive all your e-mail at your current account. 

Are you going to migrate my contacts, emails and calendar? 

No, all your contacts and calendars, as well as e-mails online, you'll have to pack. Follow this tutorial to make do it

Do you offer assistance during the transition? 

We have create for you a training site where you can find more information releated to each one of the Google Apps tools. [vinculos.eforcers.com / fast-track site-training]. 

The technology team members would also be able to answer your questions or solve any problem that comes your way. 

We believe you will enjoy the services of Google Apps, and we are committed to make this transition smoothly. 

                                             ¡ Soon more information!